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Web Analytics & Marketing Automation

Create targeted automated marketing campaigns to increase productivity, improve marketing strategy, and strengthen and extend customer relationships, all in one software. One-Stop-Shop – Software Solution!.

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Process Mining

Immediate, comprehensive, visual, objective. DSPM Group will extract data from system's event logs, providing full transparency into how a business really operates.

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Coaching Services

Learn how to structure your business right, attract your ideal customers, and uncover more profits breaking through that glass ceiling!

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Done For You (DFY) Ecommerce Dropshipping Websites

Let us craft a fully functional website tailored to your e-commerce dreams. Gain immediate access to an extensive catalog brimming with top-quality products from reputable suppliers. Say goodby to warehousing, packaging, and shipping worries; we've got it all covered for you!

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Tax Strategy & Asset Protection

Learn the fundamental business processes: Entity structuring services, corporate credit packages,tax preparation services, and Estate plans.

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Done For You (DFY) Funnel Design and Build

We Will Automate, Design, and Build Your Funnels For You and Allow You to Do What You Do Best

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Generate Leads That Lock Out Your Competitors & Have Clients Begging For More, With A ChatGPT Fueled AI Sales Android Bot

  • Automate your marketing with customized automations to capture leads and close sales while you sleep
  • Automatically send promotional materials and subscribe to marketing campaigns!
  • Be empowered to automate more of your business to eliminate the day-to-day busy work
  • Automate your marketing with customized automations to capture leads and close sales while you sleep
  • Automatically send promotional materials and subscribe to marketing campaigns!
  • Be empowered to automate more of your business to eliminate the day-to-day busy work

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Success Stories

If you want to have insights that will provide your business with immediate impact, you must have this amazing marketing automation system. DSPM Group has a way making the complex simple, fast, and with immediate positive impact on my insurance agency and personal time. This system DSPM Group and his team built for us in such a short time was mind blowing. It’s not just about making more profits for my agency and agents, although nice – now I am able to have a lot of my free time back, and not having to pay for mediocre appointment setters ever, and not having to ever waste time with unqualified leads again is such a great burden lifted off me and my staff! If you desire to have more of your time back in the day, and less stress, while making more money, do not hesitate to take advantage of this incredible deal!

Vernice B

Founder & CEO, Filles

By far, the best marketing strategy our team has received and acted on with results, all put in place by DSPM Group. Being able to compete in an already challenging music industry is difficult enough – the growth alone in our social media platforms skyrocketed our following. We are excited to be working on the next phase, driving our prospects to our sales funnel! Thank you!

Antoine H.

Founder & CEO, Rollin Hard Records

If you guys have any doubt about DSPM Group’s ability to help you get to the next level in your business, I am telling you from experience – After months of working with a so-called published book marketing expert company, my book sales on Amazon were nonexistent. DSPM Group put together a specific marketing strategy for one of my published books that left me with no doubt in my mind about their ability to produce results. As an independent published author – my biggest challenge was sales. Now I understand how to drive traffic to my book funnel all because of the direction of DSPM Group.

Purcival D.

Self-Published Author

Most of us that have been in the insurance business know this is a day-to-day grind; always seeking customers. If you don’t change with the times with AI and systems that can complement your business processes, you will always be in that same old grind day-to-day, that is if you don’t quit first. My biggest problem was that I did not have the time to learn all the new technology or pay for more resources, but knew if I did not do something, I would continue to fall behind the curve with my competitors. I came across Pathway’s Systems for insurance agencies and the offer seemed too good to be true but it caught my attention with all the things I struggle with such as qualified leads, recycled or expensive phone and email lists, etc. I took the leap of faith, booked a call, and never looked back. DSPM Group brought us out of the cave man age into the modern world and made it simple, fast, and more importantly, made money fast. Now, I have an end-to-end marketing system that consistently bring us win after win. I am not sure who else does this with the support in place like DSPM Group, but I am all in. Do not hesitate to take advantage of DSPM Group’s sweet offer. You will not look back either.

James Kinos

Co-Founder, Insurance for Wealth Creators

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