Donato Powell

Director & Business Adviser

Donato is a retired Marine Officer with a background in Engineering and Operations Research. He brings over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of strategic planning and lean methodologies. His unique experience in leading organizations in operational implementation has given Donato a unique opportunity to glean data insights from myriad niches. Currently focused on steering the company (CEO and Staff) in line with its strategic vision – DSPM Group’s CEO and staff are better able to execute business operations with clear policy directives, allowing them to build a unique set of solutions to benefit their client’s bottom line. Donato holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Operations Research, and Doctorate in Business. Additionally, he holds several certifications in digital marketing, process improvement, data science, and more. Donato has over 13 years of collegiate level teaching in the field of marketing, computer science, and applied statistics.