Loletha Standfield

Founder & CEO

Loletha has over seventeen years of experience in business operations with superior data driven results. With a keen sense of attention to detail, our staff is driven with the highest ideals in business operations. The business processes she has implemented for the team has enabled streamlined internal success for DSPM Group, but more importantly – the data wrangling and collection precision makes it possible for our analyst to accurately understand the best way to execute our client’s business strategies. WIth guidance and clear direction from the board of directors, Loletha’s efforts are clearly focused on the day to day business implementations. Loletha holds a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Business with an emphasis in Quality Systems Management. Additionally, she holds several certifications in finance, business tax, business analytics, lean six sigma, data analytics, and data visualization. In addition to business operations, DSPM Group’s data analytics and governance program is in the best of hands under Loletha’s leadership.