Process Mining

Uncovering the True Story

In a technology driven world, almost everything you do within your organization leaves behind a digital footprint. These tiny data traces are more than just numbers. They contain the real story behind how organizations and processes actually work. Hidden within them are habits, risks and process behaviors we are usually unaware of. Using these traces, process owners and managers can create dashboards and visualizations based on solid facts rather than on thoughts and instinct, leading to better informed decision making and process improvement prioritization.

Things Are Rarely as They Seem

No amount of process analysis and design work ensures that people work the way you expect. To understand what people do, you need to monitor what actually happens. How long do processes really take? Do people adhere to the standard? How many variants of a process do we have? By connecting the world of design, implementation and execution, you can monitor process performance and compare theory with reality. With this connectivity, it becomes easier to ensure your transformation and improvement initiatives finally deliver the expected benefits.

Mine Your Processes

Process mining technologies allow you to constantly mine your data and discover processes hidden within and across your IT software systems. Using data-driven insights enables you to make smarter decisions faster and communicate better results. DSPM Group helps you to mine, inquire and analyze the data in ways you may not have thought possible – helping you to understand and shape your story.


23% of companies had suppliers who refused to work with them again due to accounts payable processes inefficiencies


Over 50% of teams struggle with accurately forecasting cash-flow, due to failures in their procure-to-pay process


Almost 60% of companies incurred payment charges from suppliers due to process inefficiencies

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DSPM Group process intelligence enables businesses to run in-dept process analyses. Gaining actionable insight into process data allows you to optimize day-to-day operations and make smarter decisions faster. Identify the root causes of poorly performing processes by detecting and visualizing compliance violations. Monitor your process performance and act on critical cases and performance bottlenecks.



Know Your Data

You can only optimize your processes when you know what is really going on under the hood. Your company’s daily system processes leave a treasure trove of data traces behind. DSPM Group’s processes mining solution offers you real-time data integration. Meaning that every data trace in your system processes can be visualized.

Discover Your Processes

How can you analyze your process data in an actionable way? An investigative dashboard provides you with an overview of your core process metrics and KPIs. These metrics are accessible anytime and give you end-to-end visibility of your systems process data so you can analyze current state process models automatically, compare process variants, and identify the root causes of poorly performing processes.

Improve Your Decisions

Many companies struggle with inadequate workflows and processes. Process mining technology provides you with solid factual data enabling you to identify different areas of improvement: Which processes work best? Where are there bottlenecks? How do the target model and current states differ? These insights lead to faster improvement. By optimizing your daily operations, you will be able to make better, informed decisions, faster.

Bring Everyone Together

Efficient processes are a team achievement. But when it comes to process mining, how can you make sure everybody is on the same page? DSMP Group’s integrative methods gives your team the chance to not only explore core metrics, but also to share their thoughts on process models – enabling improvement through collaboration.


Business Transformation

You can only change if you know what you have. Process-driven transformation enables companies across all industries to compare their current state processes with future state and “as-implemented” versions of processes. Gain an understanding of any variances in your systems, optimize the data collected in those systems and pull it all together to reveal your organization’s story with the help of intuitive dashboards and investigative interfaces.

Operational Excellence

Synchronizing customers’ expectations with daily business operations is a challenge for every company. Process intelligence enables you to track metrics on a regular basis, exploring performance deviations and correcting them where needed. Process mining rapidly helps you uncover and share current state system processes and gather improvement suggestions.

Risk and Compliance

Connecting your processes with your process data allows you to make fact-based decisions. Continuously monitoring and measuring performance is not a project; it is a way of life. Use process mining to safeguard against risks by ensuring you have the information you need to identify and act on all areas of improvement. Then, alert business and risk managers to potential breaches and other issues before they cost your business time and money.